New Girl
I've been using digital drawing over photos as a way to process events in the news
Lil' Dude
I'm frustrated by people who aren't wearing masks and doing their part to flatten the curve.
I've taken up felt embroidery jewelry making during quarantine
I was missing all the earrings I'd left at home, so I started making new ones with felt and embroidery.
These are the latest designs, what do you think?
Tried my hand at applique on a Goodwill shirt. Not bad for the first one, but don't love it either.
Coral Painting
After a dive trip in Thailand, I wanted to explore painting to recreate the beauty of underwater reefs... I should have stopped here instead of adding a fish!
Sketchnote Fever
I began sketchnoting as a way to digest professional development sessions. This one is from November 2019's ADEHK conference
Painted wine glasses
One of my favorite craft projects is painting wine glasses.
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