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A Lesson in Failure

I remember wanting to become an Apple Distinguished Educator (#ADE) so badly. I'd been working as a Tech Coach for a few years and dabbled in presenting during in-service days and at small ed-tech conferences (Vietnam Tech Conference circa 2016-2018), but I thought becoming an ADE would be a good way to develop additional skills and confidence. Moved to Guangzhou in 2019 and was PUMPED to apply. Then, of course, COVID was a thing. Fast forward another few years and after yet another big move, I decided to take the leap. Here's a compilation of the work I'd been doing over the previous year or so in an ADE video application.

Aaaaannnnd here's the rejection email I got for my application in the spring. Whomp, whomp!

But here's the thing about learning:

  • It's messy and failure is sometimes part of it

  • Be proud of yourself and take risks

  • Experiences like this help us grow

  • This doesn't matter as much as my daily work does

The other surprising thing that happened was that this failure became an opportunity to connect with others who were having a shared experience and it normalized going public with these stories of failure, being vulnerable, being human.

I was just asked today if I was planning to apply again next time the application window opens... I decided it was time to at least be open to it.

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